Linger Coffee House

CIMG7625 CIMG7631 CIMG7635 CIMG7637 CIMG7639 CIMG7641 CIMG7647Over Memorial Day weekend I drove up to Door County with my family to enjoy a quick getaway and escape the city. We felt so grateful for the warm, sunny weather and new shops and restaurants to explore. My favorite discovery of this trip was Linger Coffee House, a quaint little coffee oasis in the heart of Fish Creek. The menu was delicious and the unique decor lifted my spirit for the rest of the afternoon. Next time you find yourself on the peninsula, make sure you stop at Linger for a treat. You won’t be disappointed! It’s right by the water and not too far from Aurora Health Care in Sturgeon Bay.

I hope you all had a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!


3 Ways to Buy Happiness


They say it can’t be done, but I’m here to prove “them” wrong. Here are 3 sure-fire ways to buy your own happiness.

1. Buy a fun experience. Set aside some money to take a trip, attend your favorite concert or just wallow away the afternoon in your favorite coffee house.

2. Buy a gift. Think of someone who has made a great impact on your life and find them something special. Big or small, a token of your appreciation can go a long way in increasing your happiness and that of others.

3. Buy yourself some…health! Studies show that increasing your level of fitness has a big impact on your mood and can even alleviate feelings of depression. Weekly exercise routines also reduce stress and have been known to help the brain release certain neurotransmitters to take away pain.

What is a SPPRAK Attack?

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First graders in Ms. Smudde’s Indiana classroom started a “SPPRAK” revolution. SPPRAK stands for “Special People Performing Random Acts of Kindness.” When the students witness something that makes them feel good, they jot it down on a post-it note and stick it to the hallway wall. Take a peek at how these young spirit-lifters are taking action to thank those around them!

Renew Your Spirit Without Spending a Dime


Taken by Maryann Clesceri, Executive Director of The Healing Center

1. Downsize, de-clutter, toss it out! Spring cleaning can do wonders for your mind and soul. While material possessions can make us happy the second we buy them, we often tire of them in the long-term. If you didn’t wear that shirt last year, you won’t wear it this year either. Donate to someone who can use it!

2. Invoke your inner artist. Have you ever seen a painting and thought, “I can do that!?”  Well, now is your time to give it a go. Unearth your old watercolors and let loose!

3. Volunteer. Don’t just do it once, build it into your lifestyle. Find something you really have an interest in and ask that organization how you can help out. Love working with kids? Sign up as a homework helper. Enjoy gardening? Ask a local shelter how you can help beautify the surrounding land for those living inside.

4. Escape the real world. Head out to your nearest library and check out a book. Find a cozy spot and relax into the story.

5. Plan a picnic. Now technically you’ll have to spend a little bit to purchase your food for this tip, but it’s easy to be frugal! Pack some cheese and crackers, fruit and a bit of something sugary and sweet for a relaxing getaway. Spread out your blanket and lay back so you can soak up some rays!