Have you ever “tweeted” someone a compliment?

AUR_78196191[1]These days, it may seem like bullying through social media has taken over schools across the country. Everything from aggressive taunting to death threats quickly spread through Facebook, Twitter and personal blogs.

Students often fall victim to these harsh words and find themselves in uncomfortable situations as their self-esteem plummets and uneasiness takes hold.

To combat this problem, Jeremiah, an Iowa-based High School student decided to use social media for good and compliment his classmates.

So, I was especially inspired to see  how this teen used Twitter to combat cyberbullying.  Isn’t it great to see someone do something so positive?

What do you think about using social media to build people up?  Sometimes, a simple positive message can make someone feel better emotionally and spiritually. Try it today and let us know how it felt!

The Healing Center provides counseling, group therapy and other support services. All of our services are free, as we believe that everyone, regardless of inability to pay, deserves the help they need. To learn more about our services, please visit our website


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