How can Reiki help you?

CIMG6795Have you heard the term “Reiki” before and ever wondered how it could benefit you? Simply put, Reiki is a Japanese practice promoting healing and stress reduction that creates spiritual growth and positive energy throughout the body. This energy flows to where it needs to go and can heal whichever part is in need of help.

Last Sunday, a dear friend of mine and trained Reiki master offered me a session. When I arrived at her house we shared a cup of tea and just relaxed a bit before I climbed onto the Reiki table (much like a massage table). As I lay in a comfortable position, she moved from my head to my feet, placing her hands on certain parts of my body to allow this energy to flow more freely. The most powerful feeling I had was when she put her hands on my upper back. I remember feeling some pressure in my chest and a lot of heat moving through the upper part of my body. After the session, which lasted for about an hour, I felt incredibly relaxed and told her I hadn’t felt this calm in long time. She told me that she had felt the most powerful sensation in my heart and that she felt my heart was open to new things and that the energy she worked with during Reiki was flowing freely through that area of my body. I found this interesting because that is exactly the area I had felt the most intensity as well!

Throughout my experience with Reiki, I’ve learned that it does not discriminate with certain areas of the body. In order for this energy to flow, the person receiving Reiki does not necessarily even have to believe in it fully. Its effects take place simply because of the connection between the practitioner and a universal energy flow.

Interested? You might enjoy it and even if you’re skeptical, Reiki is a relaxing experience to try as the New Year unfolds.

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Stephanie joined The Healing Center over 4 years ago and coordinates volunteers, marketing efforts, and operations. She enjoys traveling the world, non-profit and development work, and writing about health-related topics in a creative way. Her goal is to offer readers a dose of inspiration, calming words to carry them through the day and tips she compiles from her own mind and others about how to walk a peaceful path.

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