Reaching out in times of tragedy

On Sunday, August 5th, the peaceful Sikh community underwent a brutal attack at the temple in Oak Creek. This act of terrorism may have affected us directly or touched the life of a close friend or co-worker. Regardless of our connection to the tragedy, we can all come together and support the victims and their families.

Stephanie coordinates volunteers, marketing efforts and operations for The Healing Center in Walker’s Point.

The local media has provided some ideas for reaching out to those in need. In addition to responding in times of crisis, it’s important for us all to practice acceptance and take time to help and learn about others who may be different from ourselves on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, Milwaukee’s issues of segregation have forced great divides between the people of this city. By working to embrace all the unique cultures and religions around us, we can begin to mend the gaps that continue to keep us apart, and together, build stronger communities.

For more information on how to help those involved, check out these ideas from the Huffington Post below:

Help Cover Funeral Costs

Amardeep Kaleka, the son of Satwant Singh, the president of the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin, created an online fundraiser “We Are Sikhs” to help cover funeral costs for victims. Singh died along with five other members in the shooting Sunday. None of the money will go to the Kaleka family, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports.

Donations accepted here.

Support Victims
An Indiegogo fund will benefit the temple shooting victims, their families and injured police offer Lt. Brian Murphy. Donors’ contributions will be held in an escrow account until August 30, at which time the fundraiser’s organizers will allocate the funds to those in need, Fox News reports. According to the Indiegogo site: “It will take some time before the precise needs of the Milwaukee Sangat are enumerated. We plan to work closely with the local Sikh community and doctors to determine the best way to distribute funds.”
Donations accepted here.

Contribute to a Memorial Fund
The Sikh Temple of Wisconsin has set up a victims fund, where people can send donations via mail to Victims Memorial Fund c/o Sikh Temple, 7512 S. Howell Ave., Oak Creek, WI 53154.

Support advocates
Sikhs for Justice, a national human rights organization, vowed to make a $10,000 award to Lt. Brian Murphy, who was injured in the shooting. “Our government must take urgent steps to educate the country about the Sikh population and help put an end to these horrific and deadly acts of violence. Our organization, Sikhs for Justice, is proudly pledging a $10,000 award to Lieutenant Brian Murphy, the officer wounded in the incident.”
Support their work here.

The Healing Center provides counseling, group therapy and other support services. All of our services are free, as we believe that everyone, regardless of inability to pay, deserves the help they need. To learn more about our services, please visit our website


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