What lifted my spirit today?

It’s all in the details! The big picture of our new building is a sight to see, but what about all its hidden gems? Take a look at what I found as I walked from floor to floor:

.these light bulbs.

.this sliding door.

.this magnificent painting.

.this chair fabric.

.this piece of survivor art.

.these windows, made from reclaimed wood.

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About Stephanie

Stephanie joined The Healing Center over 4 years ago and coordinates volunteers, marketing efforts, and operations. She enjoys traveling the world, non-profit and development work, and writing about health-related topics in a creative way. Her goal is to offer readers a dose of inspiration, calming words to carry them through the day and tips she compiles from her own mind and others about how to walk a peaceful path.

2 thoughts on “What lifted my spirit today?

  1. I absolutely love what I can see of the new place. I miss The Healing Center so much since I moved back home. I will be back to see everyone. My life will never be the same because of the love and support I got from you. The work you do is priceless. Thank you and congratulations!

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