Plant Power!

Sometimes it takes big life events or decisions to impact spiritual wellness, like converting to a different religion or making a behavior change. Other times, a simple step is all it takes to help you spirit soar! I often look for these easy tricks, things that require little effort, but make a big difference all the same. I came upon one such step last week—placing a plant (or two!) indoors. Now, I’ve always known that introducing greenery inside is a good thing, but, why exactly? I guess I always attributed this idea to the fact that plants bring life to a room, adding a real, aesthetically pleasing attribute to the space around me. What I didn’t know though, is that they can have a huge impact on mind, body and spirit!

Plants keep us healthy!

Placing plants indoors greatly improves air quality and helps remove chemicals such as carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air. Researchers found that school and job performance decreases when CO2 increases. In fact, studies show that plants can remove about 75% of indoor air pollution! They also decrease dust levels, which lessens respiratory problems like asthma.

Plants make us happy!

Placing plants in your home or office increase a person’s optimism and wellbeing. They can also help us feel calm and de-stress throughout the day. Various studies on the effects of indoor plants reveal people’s anxiety decreasing and recovering faster after an illness.

Plants help us stay grounded!

After suffering a traumatic or troubling situation, it’s common to find ourselves drifting off, and sometimes reliving that event. Feeling the texture of a leaf or watering a plant can help us come back to the present.


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