What lifted my spirit today?

I’ve found that day trips with someone you love can really lift the spirit! Walking around a new place, no matter how close to home (for my husband and I it was Port Washington), allowed us to take a break from the norm and do some exploring. It’s really amazing what you can discover, especially when you pay close attention to detail!

This is what caught my eye…

.these boats.

.this walkway.

.these links.

.this moss.

.this burst of color.

.this destination.

.this texture.

.this mist.

.this connection.

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About Stephanie

Stephanie joined The Healing Center over 4 years ago and coordinates volunteers, marketing efforts, and operations. She enjoys traveling the world, non-profit and development work, and writing about health-related topics in a creative way. Her goal is to offer readers a dose of inspiration, calming words to carry them through the day and tips she compiles from her own mind and others about how to walk a peaceful path.

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