New Blog for a New Year!

I’m excited to announce that we’ve updated our healing blog to reach more readers and offer a new vision for those who have followed us in the past!

As I write from my desk at The Healing Center, a non-profit that provides free counseling services for survivors of sexual violence, I want to take a brief look back and share my thoughts for this blog: My words here focus on healing from past struggles and transforming and surviving everyday life.

From time to time I may mention a bit about The Healing Center’s services, upcoming events and stories that strike me from the news, but my mission here is to give you a dose of inspiration, calming words to carry you through the day and tips I compile from my own mind and others about how to walk your path in peace.

I chose to go in this direction because I really feel that before our doors open and after they close for the night, I want clients, allies, donors and everyone else to know they are loved, appreciated and thought about even if they may not physically sit in our waiting room.

All of us, no matter where we come from or what we have endured, are survivors. We survive tragedy, heartbreak, addictions, trauma and all the trials and tribulations that we stumble upon each day. I welcome all your thoughts and dreams, no matter how big or small and hope you can use this blog as a resource to cushion your falls and bring you to a state of happiness and balance.

Where do you go to breathe?

The Healing Center provides counseling, group therapy and other support services to adult survivors of sexual violence. All of our services are free, as we believe that everyone, regardless of inability to pay, has a right to heal from abuse. To learn more about our services, please visit our website


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